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6合助手344844com|思科总代理Xiahou yuan's main force of jizhou was defeated, and now the whole army of wuan reinforcements was wiped out. Cao cao's forces in the whole southern hebei province were only supported by yu ban in the plain area."Keep watching jingzhou, but if there is any change, please report it at any time!" "Zhou yu shen sounded.At the moment, the dark force along the road coming from all directions, standing on the wall of up to three zhangs, looking at the dense throng to the gate of the army, like ants tide yecheng ShouJiang Zhao De look rather pale, although it is border towns, but the whole yecheng and Wei Jun, add up at the very most military forces but also more than, yecheng defenders of less than five thousand, in the face of sudden kill out of Peking University, ji yecheng ShouJiang Zhao De only feel scalp pins and needles.

"That's what ryo meant." Zhuge liang stood up and said with a smile, if choose a person, guan yu nature is best, however huang zhong can let zhang fei suffer a loss in wrestling, to some extent, also can press zhang fei, and zhang fei's recklessness sometimes can have the effect that expect is less than."Troops in nanyang and xiangyang cannot be moved for the time being." Liu2 bei4 shook his head, ZhuGeLiangYou words he is quite agree, nanyang but not jingzhou north portal, is also the foundation of liu bei, matter, nanyang once empty, cao cao and lu bu is very likely at this point a finger, nanyang a loss, liu2 bei4 elaboration is equal to five years to pay the water, and Jiang Xiaze is the south gate of xiangyang, also do not light, compared to cao cao, lu bu, jiangdong side grip but little, Jiang Xiazhi soldiers move, equal to let go of the bondage of jiangdong, two horses do not light, changsha Liu Pan for foreign aid, but, after all, not his military forces, And in the midst of the other counties another man was found to join.After they left cao fu, Chen qun smiled and invited xun yu and the three of them: "everyone, go to the goose pavilion?"6合助手344844com|"However minister this come, but is not for river east emissary of matter." Yang fu hurriedly said.

6合助手344844com|Suddenly tense atmosphere in the hall, huang zhong and zhang fei standing good somberly, two big hands held together, bold powerful guan yu act as a referee, liu bei some helpless invited zhuge liang to sit down together with yourself, and this kind of thing is somewhat gimmicky, but military commanders, sometimes this spell spell strength can promote feelings instead, that huang can protect the microbloggers escaped under the killing of CAI, also have a few minutes, just how much, liu bei no promises.Lyu3 bu4 because have had control of the western regions, qiang people, the stability of the heart, so the seat has always been in changan, but after five years after the rest, the heart gradually attached, all have basic domestication, lyu3 bu4 have sufficient deterrent his traditional silk road, and there was a general cioffi, zhang embroidered guarding the northwest, the rear stability, and this time, lyu3 bu4 strategic center of gravity as the change of zhongyuan leud attitude, has gradually transferred to the central plains.In the face of zhang fei and other famous for many years, cut will capture the flag, often in the chaotic army to take the head of the general of the top raptors, his martial arts is only some fire just.

As long as three years of time, ganning sea, played three han people dare not close to the beach, which is not without resistance, put together a total of thirty thousand water army ganning was wiped out."Ever caught alive?" "Lu bu asked.After paying the price of most of the shields, the soldiers of hanzhong finally got within 50 paces of the opponent. By this time, the arrows in the quiver of chang 'an army had been exhausted.6合助手344844com|




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