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嘟嘟传奇uo26|蔓妮韵官方网站Soon, lv bu came out wearing a loose coat, zipped out a whistle, not long ago was still in the blood fierce battle of two soldiers and horses, quickly out of the battle, and in less than the time of the cup of tea, list into a queue, that moment, looking at the three hundred people in battle, but let lv lingqi have the feeling of facing thousands of troops.This row crossbow is the failure of the artisan camp when study even crossbows, each frame can simultaneously nine missiles JianCu, and according to lu bu, the nine JianCu launch is a fan-shaped direction, strength, although lost many, but within fifty paces, a layer of armor, and still can penetrate and fills to save trouble, have special well crossbow box, can advance to nine was good, fixed on the special stent, directly above the crossbow bracket will be taken when using, the crossbow box according to go up, even than fills a crossbow arrow was easy.The distant sound of hooves seemed to be more distinct, and the man's bright eyes shone with a strange light, though he could not see the position of the other, he was still hearing and shooting like a meteor.

This false dragon air sounds as if it is illusory, but it really comes at the right time for the present lv bu.After lyu3 bu4 smiled, Mr Young chicken how brilliant, lyu3 bu4 don't know, but now the chicken young Sir, is still far from reach that level, too easy to anger, at least character marotta is relevant to the evaluation of pang tong, shook his head, lyu3 bu4 stood up gave a way: "my these wise men is very good, they are here, to realize his life ambition, opportunities, and yuan if off head now, not in one hundred, ten years after who will remember you?"Although it is still not fully warmed up, but the western regions the news, let the lyu3 bu4 gives birth to a sense of urgency, the next morning, three hundred Biao ride who then neatly gathered in chang-an, the traveling, besides giffin, and d, Ezra pound, Gideon, tube hai and lyu3 bu4 four pro who at the same time, as for the other one thousand people, in order to save hay, zhang liao is responsible for the preparation, lyu3 bu4 rendezvous in wuwei.嘟嘟传奇uo26|"Enough! Yuan shao's face sank, a beat table table stand up, looking at tian feng shouted: "this matter I have decided, and calculate the time, han meng this matter has also entered chang 'an, zhang he has also started to cross the river, no need to discuss, gu do not believe, just lv bu, the dog lost, into yong liang but a year, really against me? Don't mention it again!"

嘟嘟传奇uo26|Right now on the map, with the center of the millet, is great huns occupied land, contains almost three 5 of hetao, left, is tu, zero, moon people first, qiang and Qin Hu Wolf, at first glance, all the land of the xiongnu, but in fact, after last year's fiasco, huns occupied territory has shrunk dramatically, Qin Hu occupies the chicken abatis, former xiongnu five, now has become history, and then the Wolf qiang, tu, moon people and zero in the past a first winter, will own occupation area expanded many, now of the huns occupied territory, has less than half, more importantly, If the first zero and qin hu also turned to lu bu, lu bu on the huns of the encircling potential became!"My Lord, the garrison in the city has been cleared by our army. < / p > < p > ma chao pound joined lu bu, this battle, basically no suspense, the main force of the slaughter of everyone was transferred to the side of lu bu, two people after the city, they quickly occupied the important place, as long as the city people appear in the street, will be shot immediately.Half a year of time, chang 'an weather is a day, the street traffic, the crowd, from time to time can see dressed in the han people in the quite alternative qiang people swaggering through the city, around the han people have long been a look not strange.

Liu bao is thoughtful, heavy nod way: "pretty good, it is to should give them a lesson, let them dare not move rashly!""The general difference, we may not want to changan, lyu3 bu4 rival in love, with only three hundred guards to hetao, general struck lyu3 bu4, if can in this is not really have a harmony cold also can therefore and leaderless, lyu3 bu4 although have children, but still young, since can't suit the, our army can enter, claiming the harmony state at a stroke, step back, if not seize huiyong, cool, the general trend can also be going into the hetao, give priority to public speakers, they also have one?" "The subordinate laughed.A cart of bodies were carried out from the camp, looking at these soldiers, zhang liao secretly sighed, 40,000 to the last 5,000 people are less than, these survived, should have been the most elite soldiers, the future of lv bu's army backbone, but it is a pity.嘟嘟传奇uo26|




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