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郭敬明 抄袭|百度推广联系方式"Why did general han come here? Gao shun nodded, looked at han DE confused behind the army, from close to find that han DE brought almost all the troops are hu people in the western regions.Mind, he remembered that the girl's voice, again just now in retrospect, zhou yu was startled to find that once their heartstring appearance, under the baptism of years, it has become blurred, the rest, only the hatred of lyu3 bu4, heard that her good beside lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 love."Lift shield ~" guan yu commanded, jingzhou army quickly raised the shield, single shot crossbow range has reached the limit, shot here, is already a spent arrow, can not penetrate the shield.

Champions?"The Lord is assured that he will do his best in the end!" Pound said.In his front, has one thousand five hundred members, this is some morale, but zhou yu have no worry, that one thousand five hundred people, is not only elite troops, is also the most long soldiers followed zhou yu, say you're welcome, unless the sun ce resurrected, otherwise, don't go to jingzhou, even now to chop down a sun quan zhou yu to directly rushed into the company, they won't knit the brows, even if know is dead.郭敬明 抄袭|"Come, tell munda to come to me!" After thinking for a moment, liu zhang's eyes a bright, has a candidate, immediately lang voice called people came meng da consultation.

郭敬明 抄袭|"By the way, jingzhou side, we put out the bait how? Lu bu turned and looked at xu shu.Xh instinctively feel a sense of crisis, subconsciously to hide, but have not anything, but then, his horse was miserably HSS, xh hurriedly look down, suddenly angular torn up, they saw his own horse head was a sharp arrows, also fortunately xh riding superb, genial smile that, a clap a horse, and taking off."No." Zhang song shook his head, liu zhang is the son of his father, and the most shu is with nanman dozen, on which to give liu zhang this opportunity to develop his personal prestige? As for the credibility of this kind of thing, even if liu zhang has the intention to establish their own credibility, but on the one hand to make a compromise to the family, how can establish credibility.

"Zhou yu? Zhang fei recognized zhou yu at a glance, his eyes flashed a ray of excitement: "my boys, let me kill!""Well!" PianJiang only helpless promised, ordered five hundred troops, start quickly burned the hay out of the cellar, Zhou Yuze walked toward the outside of the other party, Zhou An block before long, especially in the case of the fog dissipates, delay time, he must be as much as possible to stay in the city people have more time to burn jingzhou hay.郭敬明 抄袭|




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