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自由道标健康美增肥丸"Lyu3 bu4 can not help speech!" Wei zheng was an ass in a lion's skin.Neither for nor against."If we can't take it back... "Hearing this, zhang lu could not help but smile bitterly. If the other side occupied yangping pass and could not take it back in a short time, guanzhong's army and horses would keep coming in from yangping pass, and hanzhong would be modified.

Small school once again a rolling wood pick open, looking at the ramshackle city gate, eyes flashing with excitement light, although the army day by day, but the first power of the broken city is their own!Lu xun nodded silently, but lu bu ignored him and left. It was better to come naturally, but not to come. Just like what lu bu said, jiang dong could only accommodate a zhou yu, and only support a zhou yu.自由道标"Consigliere, why don't we break into the city?" Huang zhong stood at zhuge liang's side, puzzled and asked, the gate has been opened, but this is a good opportunity, zhuge liang let huang zhong just wave the flag and cry, but not to attack the city, which makes huang zhong is very difficult to understand.

自由道标Chen gong and gao shun's mouth twitched for a few times, and they looked at Chen GUI with red face."Master... "Saw lu bu, some hesitation."Good." Stammering nodded, and rode out.

Lu xun and gu shao looked at this scene with great interest, lu bu feng Wolf guxu, the world is singing, there are countless versions of the folk in the spread, now it seems that the story is more interesting than those versions of the folk spread."Brother, their soldiers are beginning to retreat under the wall!" < / p > < p > ma dai took back the thousands of miles of mirror, looking at the side of the battle of ma chao.Zhuge liang, after all, although the reputation, but too young, young, also represents the experience, this thing has nothing to do with talent is, is time to settle and live almost spent, liu bei is clear, the importance of experience to a counselor, but he had no choice, at the very least, ZhuGeLiangYou to become the world's top advisers qualification, is also the most lack of talent, liu bei's side in this regard, judge liu2 bei4 rarely see deluding themselves.自由道标




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