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高松惠理(橘梨纱)|钢丝条刷'no! Without waiting for cao cao to speak, xun you shook his head and said, "gan ning's navy still refuses to withdraw luoyang's zhaoyun and ma chao's army. I'm afraid they will wait for our army's rear to be empty.For a while, except for cao cao, even liu xun, who was close to liu bei, turned unnatural and declared himself king, which was a crime of treason.

Hand carefully looked around, gather together to seibel said: "this time, the tiger fastened shut, que soldiers lost many, although our HanYong, but just these soldiers casualties of supplies, heard that treasures money consumption by half, and then play treasures on the empty, the western conference semifinals is voluntary, only made a meritorious service, to get Chinese soldiers equal treatment, so... Hey hey...... ""What cao gong said is very true." Sun jing nodded with a smile and agreed with him, saying, "these are all common sayings, just like those of the shiba road princes who asked for dong in those days. Nominally, they are for the general interests of the whole world.After soothing the crowd and ordering them to be put in custody, zhang rencai looked at liu and deng xian with a serious face and said in a quiet voice, "you have received a letter recently explaining this高松惠理(橘梨纱)|"Now that he has given up trying to get out of the city to fight, our troops cannot lose their momentum!" Cao cao cold hum 1: "can soldiers and horses ever prepare?"

高松惠理(橘梨纱)|After the baffle of the crossbow, the arrows like a javelin roared out, while dozens of jars shot across the air in a parabola and hit the crossbow. The pungent smell was disgusting. Guan yu frowned and said, "keep shooting!"< / p > < p > sun jing slightly frowned, some hesitation in the heart, not only gaoshun army, even cao qiaojun's combat effectiveness surprised him, the crossbow's range has been far beyond the range of jiangdong crossbow, just do not know how liu bijun's fighting force?"How is that possible? Wei yan frowns.

Not only the shield wagons and bed crossbows, but also the ordinary soldiers charged behind the crossbows and wooden beasts with their shields. Although they could not block the sharp single-shot crossbows, the powerful platoon crossbows in the city defense could.Hundreds of rockets that had already been prepared rose into the air and landed on top of dozens of crossbows before the enemy could react."I meant it." Zhuge liang nodded: "but after seeing the governor, liang knew that it was an insult to the governor."高松惠理(橘梨纱)|




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