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冰霜富家子泡沫板材Ma smiled and said: "The general rest assured that the families have agreed to this matter, tonight is general lee and general xie yun responsible for guarding the city, after we will be square, wang yuan won, then led troops into the city, the general when control of the four doors, in case the lyu3 zheng escaped."Lieutenant smell speech eyes a bright, promised 1, began to command the flag officer.

"Ten years early?" Method is smell speech can not help but sneer at a way: "If had been born ten years earlier, the scholar yuan can't forget the elder lady.""If you can find a grain of grain in the official warehouse in Chengdu, you are right." Lv Zheng laughed. "The hay of Chengdu, I have ordered people to secretly transport out of the city, even if you really take Chengdu, the final rout must be you, since I know that these families have bad intentions, how can I not do to prevent?"冰霜富家子"Whew! Whew!"

冰霜富家子Suddenly sounded broken air interrupted Ma Su thinking, a series of screams, the families gathered together, the courtyard was shot down.Wei Yan was angry, In the inherent concept of the guanzhong army, even one hundred conference semifinals life is not as noble as a soldier's life, and five creek pretty obviously also be automatically divided into hu pretty, even if it is not only slaughtered pretty king sand mo ke and its brute forces nearly annihilated, also can't make up for the death of seven hundred soldiers."Who are you, presumptuous, who dare to call Shaozhu taboo!" Guan Yong stepped forward and snapped.

"Little Lord?" Wu Jin sneered and calmed down. "I didn't expect you to be here," he said. "You saved me the trouble of waiting. Did you hear the shouts outside?"Pang Tong nodded: "Unfortunately, if this son could have been born ten years earlier, now even enough alone.""How do you... how do you stay?" Wu jin some harsh way.冰霜富家子




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