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啊好深好痛肉污文|昆明市高新区管委会Zhang fei was xu sheng a disorderly shot, the mood is not how, at the moment listen to CAI MAO taunts, where can endure, just want to stand up, but was liu bei a hold down, slightly shook his head, motioned to zhang fei mo impulse, they come here, nominally liu bei is CAI MAO deputy, but in fact liu bei is very clear, he is to the separation of power.Since the beginning of spring, liu biao's health has been deteriorating day by day. In recent days, however, he has had less time to go to the fields."Kill!" What followed was an earth-shattering cry of death. The huge horde smashed the snow all over the sky, bringing up the flowers of blood, carrying with it the power that seemed to destroy everything. It was like a black torrent, which hit hard in the chaos of the army.

CAI MAO smiled a little smellingly and kicked liu bei's ball away, without worrying about liu bei's seizing the right to fight with him, he said: "let the three armed forces prepare for war and prepare for war. Only when cao jun received a reply, he broke camp and went to mengjin."Li fu was the brother-in-law of yuan shao and had a powerful position in ye cheng. As the family member of li fu, li ping had a good life."Ha ha, just as it happens, also let me see northwest xiao hu's severe!" Xu ding sneered and was about to go forward when a sudden commotion broke out in the rear of the black mountain thief army. However, he saw a horse and a soldier cut into the black mountain thief army like a sharp sword. Although the troops were small in number, they were well equipped and killed the fierce warriors.啊好深好痛肉污文|

啊好深好痛肉污文|"Duke xuande is polite." Yi ji hesitated for a moment and looked at liu bei, saying, "I have heard that duke xuande once competed with lu bu for the title of xuzhou.Riding one or two, ten or a hundred, more and more riders came out and quickly gathered into a gray torrent, and the cao army, which had been hurrying forward before, had disappeared under the mighty torrent and was crushed to dust by the mercilessly iron hoofs.It is already may, and the weather is beginning to warm up, but there is a heavy sense of oppression over jizhou, the capital of ye city.

"Exactly." Li ping nodded hurriedly."All right." Yang fu nodded, taking two people to find their position to sit down, Yang fu will give two people the thing like an iron bucket: "with this can see clearly."Jiang lost saw that woman one eye: "is yuan shao two son yuan xi's wife, zhen shi."啊好深好痛肉污文|




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