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林俊杰力挺周杰伦|芷露柔香Huang zhong stare, his most taboo is that others say he is old, at the moment in succession make oneself taboo, at the moment sneer, stand out, look at sun yi way: "little baby out, your father died early, I don't blame you, you come over, grandpa teach you to be a man.< / p > < p > sun jing frowns at huang zhong, although the character of sun yi is a little irritable, but a suit of ability can not be weak, not in the sun, although before some slight enemy suspect, but was so a foot to kick upside down fly up, how old strength?The crossbow is not suitable for a projectile, but it is not completely impossible. Since you cannot shoot the shield, shoot the soldiers behind the enemy first.

Liu bei's elite is jiangxia and nanyang in sixty thousand chosen men, which is liu2 bei4 financial reserves, was also his trump card, because the various ge is bright lobby JingXiang men, make liu2 bei4 firefight take jingzhou, the two elite, is liu bei's strongest military forces, even had come over twenty thousand xiangyang xiangyang surrender elite, can match."This saying said, exactly one has not broken the law, two also is not what the most wanted person, why can't come?" Law is looking for a chair to sit down, see to zhang song smile way: "son qiao elder brother rather too too nervous some, I dare to assure, calculate is to leak out identity, with that liu zhang's disposition, also not necessarily dare take me how!"As a son of fa zheng, zhang song was no stranger to him, but when he left the middle of shu with fa yan, he was still a teenager. Now eight years have passed and he has become a young man.林俊杰力挺周杰伦|"Messenger yuan let and wonderful, the army to the tiger prison pass, in the tiger prison pass... Three miles down the village!" Cao cao smiled.

林俊杰力挺周杰伦|The cold cut horse sword mercilessly cut to those jingzhou soldiers screaming, screaming, wail sound quickly disappeared.A shaft pierced his throat, and the soldier's eyes suddenly wandered."Go!" Zhou yu waved his hand and led the party on their way toward huyang.

"They are all family, and a good nephew needs no ceremony." Liu bei quickly reached out his hand to help liu xun. Although zhuge liang had planned the middle of shu, now was not the time to turn his back on the plan of zhuge liang."Please, Sir." "Said liu bei.Lv bu sat on his seat, looking at his busy, feel good, as for zhuge liang, when hearing the news at that time, lu bu really some heart disorder, but now has been adjusted.林俊杰力挺周杰伦|




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