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中外船都故事美姿堂苹果醋Lyu3 bu4 narrowed his eyes slightly, looked at the giffin's eyes, with a few minutes of exploration, for Addis disrespectful address didn't care much, although in theory, giffin is his subordinates, but in fact is no different from the prisoner, a day before no real return to heart, don't want to get what respect here."Order now!" Seibel glance swept to all: "the will have any objection?"

The breath of repression is getting heavier and heavier, the huns ride array in this short moment of kung fu can clearly see each other's flag on the ferocious wolf."Wen-hsiang, how is our army recruiting today?" Seibel pinched his eyebrows, su rong asked.Shield hands at the moment are mostly caught in the fire, rolling on the ground, at the moment the back row of soldiers like a naked girl, the door is wide open, in a desperate cry, with the arrows burst empty, accompanied by a section of the music of death, countless west cool soldiers as if by wheat.中外船都故事Qiang people don't care what loyalty, at least lyu3 bu4 those in the governors, in the eyes of the qiang people, is not a big deal, qiang people only pay attention to brave, in the eyes of Yang Xi and most qiang people, lyu3 bu4 the gold content of the two words, is absolutely much more useful than the pile of prefixes.

中外船都故事"Yes!" Male broad sea a purge, loudly replied.Lyu3 bu4 did not get involved, rare day off, but the guard can't lose, lyu3 bu4 simply to take up the guard's duties, even HanDe was kicked into the camp by his foot."This …" Engaged in startled way: "Will it be too obvious?"

"Master!" Han De already waiting outside the door, see lyu3 bu4 out, hurriedly forward, glanced at wenji.Yang Wangwen nodded his head and sighed. "It's not something I can say. Tomorrow will be the day of sacrifice. Then all the rich and handsome people will gather together. It won't be too late. XI'er, go and pick up Wen Hou in person. Remember, don't lose courtesy."中外船都故事




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