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普宁市人民政府大连科华热力管道有限公司"A horse pit, my Lord!" Zhou cang lay on the ground and checked outside the camp. He returned to see lu bu's way.< / p > < p > other several rushed up together with the general did not have much reaction, was lu bu a halbard beat to death, they even have no time to be horrified, lu bu has been sitting back on horseback, square painting halbard left split right cut, six generals did not stop lu bu for a moment, was cut off.Zhuge liang lup rocking laughed: "bright night astrologers, jingzhou liu table, will soon in personnel, anyway can persuade childe letter microbloggers as soon as possible back to xiangyang, liu table the bucket, from the date of jingzhou in turmoil, the imperial uncle to him in the name of, support the childe microbloggers, troops xiangyang, and then sent a contend, the above-mentioned imperial government, and is willing to attack lyu3 bu4, Cao Caobi won't dump on, since the jingzhou angelica anyway."

"Met liu huangshu." The boy ignored zhang fei and bowed to liu bei.The whole yecheng district, including the healthy army, has a total of 50,000 soldiers and horses. Every few dozen steps on the streets and lanes can be seen patrolling troops, let alone dealing with lv bu, even if there is a family want to clean the tail left behind in the past is impossible to do.Turning head to look at cao cao, zheng for a long time, but can not think of any words to express, half a day to squeeze out a few words: "Lord, really good.普宁市人民政府"Which smelly Taoist priest, dare to talk nonsense!" < / p > < p > lu lingqi heard speech rage, a shake, silver gun out of hand, nail left mercy.

普宁市人民政府"Be!"Although the weather has begun to warm, into the spring climate, but the night wind is still with a trace of cold, lu bu lean railing and sit, overlooking the night in chang 'an shrouded in the night."Damn it, didn't liu biao agree to form an alliance with his Lord? But nanyang soldiers and horses will appear here! ?" < / p > < p > tiger prison shut, looking at the great jingzhou army outside the pass, xu sheng can not help but angry, at the same time attracted a pro-wei road: "fast, flying horse to luoyang, will be here to inform the intelligence of general gao.

"What do you mean, my Lord?" Li ping stared blankly at pang tong, puzzled.Zhang fei angrily returned to the camp, CAI MAO is some schadenfreude look at liu bei: "general yi DE brave commendable, but now is the siege of the city, rather than before the fierce fight, yi DE general some too hasty."Life, is to have an accident, there will be a surprise. Lv bu shen smile way: "won't wen yuan be frightened by a younger generation?"普宁市人民政府




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