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恒昊矿业通络灸"Be." The attendant agreed and turned and ran into the workshop.Zhaoyun look out of the camp, unarmed yu ban, a smile, the hands of the silver gun down a little pressure, signal temporarily remove the alert, turn over and dismount, stride forward, came to the forbidden body."Wait a moment, day by day, white horse two armies have not entered jizhou, waiting for meng qi and zilong to enter jizhou, xia houyuan must be an inch of chaos, then I can take the opportunity to attack, one action will be xia houyuan headquarters destroyed, then jizhou can be down!" Zhang liao looked at the jinan map in front of him and smiled.

In the end, zhao bantou bowed his head in shame. They came out of the army, although they were eliminated from the army, they had received systematic military training, and now even some monks could not control them."Now xiangyang has less than 20,000 soldiers. General, we... "Zhang yun peristaltic mouth, is want to say what time, but see CAI MAO suddenly turned around, Wolf eyes son staring at zhang yun body, make zhang yun chest a gao, can not speak.CAI shi did not panic, just a light look at CAI MAO: "don't be here."恒昊矿业"What if we win?" "Even if we win," zhou yu said with a smile, "it will be for someone else. It will help liu bei and cao cao.

恒昊矿业The shaft of the arrow sank into the snow, leaving nothing but its feathers humming and trembling in the snow. At once, the refugee group stopped. A man from the crowd dropped his weapon and raised his hands above his head.'ranjan? Lv bu wanted to think, see xiangyang fu way: "it is her, yi shan talk really euphemism."Gan ning but water thief started, at the beginning of the eight hundred jin fan ying across the Yangtze river basin to come and go like the wind, to the sea, although the sea march than the Yangtze river is more complex, but after being familiar with, gan ning's ability to play out little by little.

"Ha, a even their ancestral business can not keep the family, that day the Lord and Lord mercy, let you leave, today even shameless came to instigate, you know, only we will report this matter to the department of punishment, on your remarks today, enough to put you to prison. Behind zheng xiaotong, a scholar sneered.Wei yan waved, let those follow their qiang people quickly put on these hanzhong soldiers, pang tong let people take the rope, these hanzhong soldiers tied together as prisoners."Summon nighthawk, I'm afraid that ford has something important on him. Ask them to find him as soon as possible and keep an eye on him until he gives the order."恒昊矿业




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