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男编辑骚扰女诗人三角画架Then the following is much simpler, signed the contract of zhang song, the law is the peace of mind will be zhang fu as the secret information gathering stronghold, lv bu is in the law, but specially sent a group of whippoorwill follow, is responsible for the protection of protection at the same time, is also responsible for contact nightingale collection information."Choo-choo-choo-choo ~""Rightness, master, today a gentleman call the old person of master, want to see master, but master be absent, the slave maidservant dare not let him stay." "Said a girl.

"Om ~""Blare ~"男编辑骚扰女诗人Originally, zhang song every day in the ear noisy, very vexed, but now zhang song no longer to his advice, but began to be close to those old and noble families, which let liu zhang suddenly create a sense of isolation.

男编辑骚扰女诗人Lv meng looked up at the sky at a loss. There was no cloud in the sky.To say that this is not engaged in the small officer, liu zhang side of the senior book, can directly express their views to liu zhang, but from beginning to end, liu zhang for zhang song's many Suggestions are ignored, virtual, this is the most let zhang song uncomfortable."That I go to the front to help eldest brother." Zhang fei face a black, humming way.

Zhang song gasped and stared at fazheng. "I thought the champion hou was the hero of the world, but I didn't want to see all these guys under his banner."The whole camp was filled with a deep sense of sadness. Cao cao, accompanied by gao LAN and xia houyuan, made his rounds of the camp. Everywhere, he could hear the soldiers' low cries and plaintive cries.But now lyu3 bu4 occupied in hanzhong city, this battle can't play all difficult, although they snaked through the silk road of interests, but also do not want your interests are damaged, originally so shu dynasty one side do you want to continue cooperation with lyu3 bu4, on the other side is not willing to accept the lyu3 bu4 JunTian promotion, so after lyu3 bu4 occupied in hanzhong city, as cao cao, liu bei successively sent messengers to lobbying, milan and shu dynasty didn't hesitate too long, to the union.男编辑骚扰女诗人




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