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铁手无语邢台睿弘What is not necessarily bad, but hope to restore Confucianism dominance status of Confucian, not after all have accustomed to the exalted position of Confucian, it is difficult to accept this fierce competition environment, can like zheng xuan so through the nature of things, and ambitious people say it is not much, zheng xuan in, can suppress, guide, but now zheng xuan's death urgently restore his position on the one hand, on the other hand is also feel the sense of crisis, after all, zheng xuan, represents the Confucian banner fell down."Kang chenggong, the college has the rules of the college, will not make an exception for anyone, if the son really really have this ability, I can provide him with the most fair environment, or that sentence, the one who can, the mediocre under! Lu bu su rong said.Someone raised his crossbow and shot the five shameless cao at zhaoyun's command.

Liu2 bei4 pro who is Chen to training for him over the years, only five hundred people, but each were selected through all elite, roaring toward the enemy, who is liu bei as a baby, the suddenly set aside five hundred people dedicated to protect the various ge is bright, also can see that liu bei's emphasis on the various ge is bright, the satrap of all stripes lobby, zhuge liang is the liu bei since the first time in the true sense of ideas, liu bei is a complicated Ming in the heart, that is uneasy, and look forward to, also with somewhat worried."Well!" Ma dai nodded, packed up the mirror, began to arrange scouts patrol around, but cao jun out of the city, then to the horn pass.铁手无语"The specific circumstances I don't know, just your frost before the emperor died, designated heir was expensive creams domestic nobles question origin is not pure, there was a coup, the late emperor designated heir was kicked out of the royal family, with a group of people at a place called bactria re-established a new court nobles are controlled by the government and to be your frost countries confrontation." "Said the nighthawk, bowing.

铁手无语"The general is at ease." Zhaoyun solemnly nodded: "our army rules are strict, do not kill the general, do not harm the people, do not kill the troops, but also hope that the general can help me appease the troops, these soldiers, I am afraid to send to the various places to camp, and select the best and record."Hou ye was very kind and considerate." Lu xun walked beside lu bu.

This is true, the world before the egg shu mess, the world is shu is pending, because of the topography in the shu, it is a long time, is the most easy to place, even in the shu dynasty also extreme exclusion, not just reject lyu3 bu4 this, even if the rest of the family of shu in the family all don't buy it, were it not for pang tong bloodless scored in hanzhong city, you want to end this three points ahead of the world in the future, is definitely a hard terrier in the shu."Now xiangyang has less than 20,000 soldiers. General, we... "Zhang yun peristaltic mouth, is want to say what time, but see CAI MAO suddenly turned around, Wolf eyes son staring at zhang yun body, make zhang yun chest a gao, can not speak."But...... I still have 20,000 elite talents, and xiangyang is a strong city with grain and grass in the city, which is enough for me to support for three years, but there is no turning point!" CAI puts a lot of weight on this point.铁手无语




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