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www554431com|五征农用三轮车价格When Santa saw the ground, suddenly found that the surrounding ground, I do not know when a hole the size of a bowl mouth, their horses is a foot into a hole, will miss."Wait?" Miuchamp looked at lee incredibly."Poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof-poof, Accompanied by countless blood flower tiger photography, huge impact, but will dozens of soldiers hit fly up, bone fragmentation sound in the battlefield converged into the beginning of a section of the death symphony, the formation of the press was washed away, while the cavalry impact in pay nearly five hundred casualties, finally completely suppressed.

"I'll see to it!" After all the hao Shuai bow down to promise, each left.What the fuck? Didn't you see two horses staring at you? Liang Xing speechless white the lieutenant one eye, shook his head and said: "strengthen security, guard the camp, wait for master after the north, attack again!""Stop!" Lyu3 bu4 a wave of his hand, less than two thousand cavalry quickly stopped, behind lyu3 bu4, forming an irregular cone array, ready to attack again.www554431com|Xun yu didn't speak, just nodded, admitted the country's point of view, zhong yao is second, the most important, or then lyu3 bu4 attitude, cao cao obviously don't want to see lyu3 bu4 figure on the battlefield, if lyu3 bu4 really turn to help lombardi, that for cao cao, it is a disaster.

www554431com|"Strategist." War, is indeed a place to hone people, a few days, under enormous pressure, pound, has faintly had some general demeanor, see marotta under the protection of XiongKuoHai up, slightly nodded, see no one around, wry smile way: "Before this, will never think about at the end of the end of the face of Korea hence the old thief hundreds of thousands of troops, unexpectedly can survive.""The general is careful." Zhong yao nodded heavily, this time, also regardless of what courtesy, hurriedly took the military forces, toward the direction of xinfeng kill."How shall I reply?"

Half a day's journey, far away has been able to see the reflection of the moon lake light, santa narrowed his eyes, chest is heavy depressed hum 1, this time, must let the moon lake pay the price, let them know, who is the owner of this land."What does General Meng Qi mean? Get up quickly!" Marotta face a change, hurriedly reached for help.Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, wanted to think, finally shook his head, is really not, even if the township needs cultural literacy is not high, as long as literacy, lyu3 bu4 now in hand, literate people are not many, zhang liao, seibel these generals he can't let them run to the countryside to do education.www554431com|




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