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印度性史图鉴|万科影视有限公司Canyon like blood, reflected on the earth, cover up the blood on the ground, but can't cover up the air filled with the bloody smell, the huns tribe, looking forward to the reinforcements did not appear, the whole tribe of men, has not a living mouth, the whole camp, in addition to wanton laughter, is the cry of countless women, moans converge together.XiongKuo sea behind, three hundred hussars quickly formed a battle array, in front of the people with steel knives swung open the other side of the attack, the rear of a pike back and forth, will be close to the enemy hanged.Kui head narrowed his eyes slightly, body slightly back, looking at the huns warrior, with a strange smile on his face: "you said good, if let temuzhen know you come for help, and we didn't send troops in time, he will be dissatisfied, so..."

Military forces are not much, only ten thousand people, are when the initial degree of root left military forces, later by coby can be collected, lyu3 bu4 after the invasion of the camp, these people back to come over, now, is lyu3 bu4's soldiers.Lyu3 bu4 also didn't expect them to believe in themselves, let upright when with people to give these women something, he was about to rest, sentence suddenly flying horse, bowed down and said: "Chief, xianbei king's court step to root adults to see."It seems to have to consult with the people as soon as possible, to avoid rashly against lyu3 bu4 decrees.印度性史图鉴|"Khan wise!" TaBaJi powder and MuRongGui looked at each other, smiled and thought Kui Tou laughed, although this battle is lyu3 bu4's strategy, but it seems that the temuzhen has lost power, if this battle really won, then the next step, I'm afraid, is to deal with the temuzhen.

印度性史图鉴|"Master..." After all left, sentence suddenly want to speak, but was timuzhen wave interrupted, behind the two bodyguards made a look, two bodyguards, immediately came to the tent, to prevent eavesdropping.Fortunately, Daxi new army wiped out, although the battle lost heavily, but the western xianbei is gone, as long as he returned to the king's court, culture for a period of time, regrouped, the prairie, is his own, he will be worthy of the name xianbei khan.

"Yes!" Step root promised, will leave."Isn 't that family a cancer?" Zhaoyun is the first time to hear this, but also out of the mouth of the family.Giffin left Hetao early in lyu3 bu4, As you go deep into the prairie, Has begun to order people secretly in the upper reaches of the xianbei river secretly built a dam to store water, The so-called xianbei river, the Ordos River, In this era, In fact, the names are not uniform, Each family has its own name, a title of generals in ancient times under the leadership of zhang embroidery and liao hua, seclusion in the vicinity of the king's court, only lyu3 bu4 commanded, can rushed into the king's court, meet lyu3 bu4, now, the king's court is the most vulnerable, in addition to lyu3 bu4 more than three hundred QinWei, there are only one thousand people stationed everywhere.印度性史图鉴|




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