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宝贝把我吃进去|中惠电热膜价格Night black wind high, unknown hills stockade, a group of thieves gathered gambling chat."At present there will be a great disaster in chang 'an. The general, including the city guards under the general's command, will be temporarily taken over by xu." < / p > < p > jia xu shen way, he is responsible for the intelligence of lu bu people, in guandu cao yuan shao, lu bu's intelligence network has not been able to spread in the past, but only under the rule of lu bu, thousands of people quietly sneaked in, how possible to deceive jia xu's eyes.The same scene in different places every day, every day, dostie will receive has a population of missing report, less time is dozens, hundreds, for this kind of thing, dostie haven't see the problem, now in thinking about how to deal with lyu3 bu4, set on these things in his view is "small", did not focus too much on.

Chapter xvii expulsion of each tu"Something like that." Lv bu nodded, and the dragon bone chariot in the han dynasty was able to automatically draw water out of the field by means of the rapid flow of water, which was very efficient. However, the force required by the water was very high, and it could not be used by a river.宝贝把我吃进去|Xuan spend big axe with a bunch of lightning, with a cold front is cold, prey to lu bu his forehead, the axe is tried an axe, no left hand, also do not give oneself leave a little leeway, not you die, is I die, for the axe, Korea's fierce have absolute confidence, is the strongest war as hebei lamere sitton, under the axe, also get pitted, he did not think lu bu will be strong enough to ignore the axe.

宝贝把我吃进去|For example, ma chao and pang DE, two generals under lv bu, took turns to attack the xiongnu tribes and drove them to Meiji. They could not go directly into battle with the xiongnu army, so as to destroy the xiongnu tribes as much as possible.Later dong zhuo moves capital chang 'an, follow lu bu to kill dong zhuo, arrive wang yun to be in power again, xi liang army is rebellious, when lu bu fails to go guan dong, the situation is too disorderly, Yang ding did not choose to follow lu bu, stayed in chang 'an however, became li ilens subordinate.So, burn when Lao wang must die, only after the differentiation, then gradually swallowed, these burn block qiang disrupted, only load zheng xi general house interests.

< / p > < p > zhou cang, he can't really start on lu lingqi, and at this time the sky is close to the evening, really not suitable for the road, the moment do not doubt that he, under the warm hospitality of lu lingqi, settled down in the copycat, ready to take lu lingqi early tomorrow morning to return.Unfortunately, han sui a defeat again, a little bit will be the heart of these noble mind that a little thought polished a little not left, I do not know that han sui useless, or lu bu too severe, in a word, after lu bu came back, one after another began to accept to chang 'an academy teaching work, especially this time lu bu also brought back a woman.Under such circumstances, lu bu should not have let the troops run out against the enemy, but if the first step collapsed, then according to the risk and keep, but also to extend their speed of defeat.宝贝把我吃进去|




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