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用性器具的调教文|ktv男服务员服装"It 's time to go!" Lyu3 bu4 thoughtfully nodded, the huns, must be to ask for help, the day before yesterday evening a battle, lyu3 bu4 believe, the huns have been afraid, now can think of, I'm afraid only to recall the invasion of the west cool people.Late at night, jincheng, town west general mansion.

"Yes!" Zhe Ke shocked looked at the kitchen spring, but did not speak, this kind of thing, is not he can control, leave immediately, go to arrange, so large king's tent, only the occasional crackling sound and a faint sigh of grease burning...In response, Is the cavalry suddenly appeared in the distance, From the rear of the huns, in the eyes of santa surprised anger, like a sharp knife, mercilessly from the flank into the panic of the huns soldiers, a cold arrow cluster, ruthlessly harvesting the lives of the huns warriors, cold pike and steel knife, past, the huns who lost their horses were hanged by each other.At this point, a small school rushed into the account, loudly way: "general, changan urgent!"用性器具的调教文|"Still reluctant?" Lyu3 bu4 sighed, early know so, should let people like bind giffin, marotta to get to say again, but lyu3 bu4 also know, this set of work for giffin, for the lonely marotta, may have the opposite effect.

用性器具的调教文|Chapter 34 borrow troops"Boom ~ Boom ~ Boom ~"

"Blocking the four gates, no one is allowed to leave the city, Zhou Cang, send people out of the city to search, will take advantage of the chaos before the people out of the city, give me back!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, twist a head to look to Chen Xing way: "Take these people, find for me, dig the ground three feet also want to find this person for me."Council chamber, lyu3 bu4 knelt down in the original belong to miu shang position, casually looking over the table placed on bamboo paper, soon, chen xing with a team of people, escorting a group of people in.Inadvertently, larocca has leapt to the front, looking at a face of despair marten, sneer at 1, a gun will his sword in the hands of pick fly, pike across a strange arc in the air, the next moment, has pierced marten's chest.用性器具的调教文|




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