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rio糖是避孕药|搜翠网翡翠"You can't fake this stuff." Zhou yu looked at lv meng with a smile and shook his head. "judging from the location, hukou is indeed the best place for liu bei to store grain."Mr. Brave question is... "Xun you doubt the Chou shi guangyuan."Liu bei? When sun yi heard this, he could not help but think of huang zhong again. The old soldier's martial arts still made people tremble even if he thought about it at the moment.

Cao cao joined the imperial army in the years of zhongping and began to fight. In these years, he was defeated in the northern and southern wars, but he had never been so defeated. His heart was itching with hatred, but there was nothing he could do."Respect is in the heart, not in the mouth. I have great respect for his position, but for his intelligence... "Lyu3 bu4 shook head, conveniently will the secret letter and the ribbon throw in table table intelligence quotient, didn't pay attention to fu DE again, twist a head to see toward the nightwing way:" central plains recently have what new news? Has there been any news from the nightingale?"Falchion of guan yu dock, holding hands, looking at the flame of the ballista, jingzhou forces have been battered by Ezra pound began to pieces, he also knows things, unless you are now able to rushed up to cut pound, but looking at the thousands on this side of the frame to strong crossbow, guan yu while pride to the also know rushed up to this moment to die, but sighed, sink a track: "withdrawal!"rio糖是避孕药|< / p > < p > method is very happy, finally even coax with fear will zhang song delimited to his side, although with zhang song said a face do not care, but only the law is clear in his heart, really want to find a zhang song in shu so smart, ambitious and have a certain status and influence of the helper is really not an easy thing.

rio糖是避孕药|"What, old carcase! ?" Sun yi's character is similar to sun ce, very strong, wen yan broke sun jing's arm and rushed at huang zhong with a roar."No need." Pang tong shook his head and said, "if this plan is feasible in normal days, liu zhang is dark and weak, so it may not be impossible for him to decide chengdu in battle. However, this time, wait and see. Liu zhang is still of some use now.At smiles to say: "off the city, after all, the space is narrow, the tetrarch need only to a city car with shield match attack after open the gates, the next step is a melee, according to observation, although the soldiers under seibel melee too tough, but still far not invincible, but in the field, each other have a lot of deep space, the master can think about it, if only general break other shield wall before, then fight, seibel also may not be able to cause so much damage to our army."

Seeing that the matter of wang Yin had come to an end, sun jing looked at the crowd with a smile and said, "as the saying goes, the snake does not walk without its head, and the bird does not fly without its head."Yes, Sir." The steward answered, and withdrew in silence."Does the emperor uncle want to say to want to be king not to become?" Sun jing narrowed her eyes and said lightly.rio糖是避孕药|




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