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女孩第一次的感觉|香港进口报关Shaking his head, Chen gong put down the file, looking at zhang both way: "master can have to change to deal with this matter?"The camp had been burned down and there was only one camp left. Of course, there was no place for prisoners.Lyu3 bu4 smile not language, actually more than is the number plan so simple, not polite of say, it is the horseshoe, saddle and double stirrup appear, just let the cavalry become the real battlefield main force, but not just strange harassment enemy, let the cavalry fighting method have new change.

"If so, I may recommend it to the duke on behalf of zhong li, but I am not proud to be able to decide whether to accept it or not." Jia xu smiled and said, this is not difficult."Face."女孩第一次的感觉|Half a year's time, the camp has considerable scale, in addition to the center of the camps, out of a vast wasteland outside, this is for the workman's dependents, is to reward those craftsmen, each can be assigned to a few acres of marginal, and is not taxed the sort of, for this day and age, have to, and not, this is more than any treasure worth money, after all this land, can be passed down in the army, and only made a meritorious service are eligible was assigned to the fields, and also make these craftsmen more hard work for lu bu.

女孩第一次的感觉|End of the battle of guandu, when it is two, said lu bu to prior to this, the first step to pacify hetao, obtain the initiative, in can be soldiers out chicken abatis, also can be the enemy back shifting to the hetao, hetao with bing, after all didn't have the Yellow River, lyu3 bu4 cavalry can at any time into bing, and lombardi's military forces to bypass the hetao harmony is cool but need to pull across the Yellow River, but also worried that posterior was broken."Nonsense! Without going to see the battle report handed over, lu bu stood up, his massive body standing in front of a group of female soldiers, even if these women are also experienced in many battles, but in the face of the moment lu bu unconsciously send out the momentum, still unbearable.

Index finger, some frivolous hook is bright and clean chin, let her a cicada's head to myself: "now that is a family, no one in the weekdays, lady don't have to be such a formality, for no reason identify a lot of.""Yes ~" is liu yun's bookish attribute of the same type as CAI yan's. However, she could not agree with lv bu's words. However, in these matters, she still should focus on her husband's family."What is it?" Liu bao complexion is gloomy way, first zero qiang has 6000 person of control string, this liu bao nature is clear, but also did not think of ha mu son just past drive back come back, still lost many soldiers and horses."Well, I'll retire at the end." Li kan did not dare to rebel, hurriedly bowed and retired.女孩第一次的感觉|




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