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莪渄迪汋|金易健润肠通便胶囊Lu xun looked at random the goods in full of beautiful things in eyes on the shelf, casually said: "pour are some rare things, do not want to a small shop in, there are so many goods, the elder brother looked at disparate in my native, do not know is where personage?""Bowing?However the lv bu when training, really let the girls hate tooth itch, not only talk people want to kill, and will change the flowers with all kinds of ways that are not thought of to toss you.

After sending off judge match, yuan shangcai exhaustion sits on handsome chair, big event can period? Maybe, but why does it feel like a puppet?"Yes, but we shall keep the names of these families who are willing to cooperate with us secret, and the good nephew need ask no questions in this respect. No one will tell you, no one will dare to say." Yang fu smiled.On the ferry, two catapults made a harsh and dull sound. As the catapults turned, two stone projectiles flew through a parabola in the air and landed heavily on the ship. In an instant, four or five soldiers had no resistance and were directly crushed by the projectiles, together with men and ships.莪渄迪汋|Liu bei saw zhang fei one eye, again look at sima lang, frown a way: "that gentleman think, who can go to meng jin to persuade cao ren?"

莪渄迪汋|"Li dian boy, where to run! ?" < / p > < p > ma chao this half a year to li dian this turtle shell no way at all, at the moment see the victory in hand, where can let li dian escape, roar, the troops to the deputy to continue to attack, he is chasing li dian.Chapter 66 the soldier raps the tiger"Lord, I am afraid this battle will be difficult to fight." Guo jia's health seems to be worse today, only xunyou at the side of cao cao at the moment, looking at the direction of yuan shang left, a leisurely sigh."In fact, if we wait another month, the river will freeze over and the river will no longer be an obstacle to our army." "The men suggested.

Of course, this was just a superficial appearance. Both lv bu and cao cao were remedying their internal affairs and recuperating. The two sides reached a tacit agreement to stop fighting temporarily.Chapter 77 withdrawal"No!" Li white heard speech, at the moment a black, wow spit out a mouthful of blood, not only he died, once the property was confiscated, his family, how to make a living? Although not destroyed its full door, but li fu can foresee his family's tragic end.莪渄迪汋|





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